13 Hours in a Car with Mom
Happy Mother’s Day to You All!

Unfortunately I will have to be in class all day… But will be with Miss Jenny again on Monday. Still loving some of the quiet moments with Mom. Is it creepy that I like watching her nap? (And take pictures of it?!?) I don’t know… She can just transition from curled-up and cute to peaceful and serene in a moments notice… Just gotta grab those shots! :-)

Hug your Mamas! Happy Mother’s Day!
Love it up! Rick Allred

Whatever the Journey… Remember to Capture Some Moments Along the Way!


imageMom pauses to look at “that guy who keeps stopping by”…

imageShe has taught me the importance of napping! So important!

imageThe moments that catch me by surprise are the sweetest gifts.

imageSometimes the three of us hang out on Mom’s bed and just talk or stare at each other… Or, a little of both.

Happy Spring everyone!
Hug your Mammas! … and, hug yourselves!
Life is awesome!

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Whatever the Journey… Remember to Capture Some Moments Along the Way!

Mom pauses to look at “that guy who keeps stopping by”…

She has taught me the importance of napping! So important!

The moments that catch me by surprise are the sweetest gifts.

Sometimes the three of us hang out on Mom’s bed and just talk or stare at each other… Or, a little of both.

Happy Spring everyone!
Hug your Mammas! … and, hug yourselves!
Life is awesome!

© 2014 Rick Allred www.rickallredimagery.com

From Forget-Me-Nots to Remember-Me-Nows…

It’s been a couple good months here. Mom still hanging in there which is nice.

Mom resting and wondering (I’m guessing.) why this little camera is so close to her face.

In late August Mom began not recognizing me… I noticed it when I went to kiss her “good-bye”… She pulled back and looked at me as if I was crazy… It was actually pretty funny, if you think about how it must have looked from her perspective…

I looked at her, smiled and said, “You don’t recognize me do you?”

She just looked at me… I said, “I’m your younger son, Rick.”

Then, I picked up a photo of my brother and his family and asked, “Do you recognize these people?” Mom just looked at me… I pointed at my brother and said, “This is Scott, he is your older son.”

I tapped his photo, “He is the older son…”

Then, I pointed at myself and added, “I’m the cuter son….”

"Older" (tap, tap, tap) … "Cuter"… (Point, point, point)

"Older" (tap, tap, tap) … "Cuter"… (Point, point, point)

At least it made her smile a little bit.

Since then, Mom seems to recognize me as “that guy who comes by”. I’ve chosen to introduce myself as Rick instead of “your son Rick”. I don’t feel a big need to “make her understand” and possibly upset her. It’s pretty fascinating to notice the urge to make what is happening “wrong” and that it “shouldn’t be this way”…. And, well… It is this way. It is the next step in the process, I suppose. I have choices about how I’m going to be at this stage of it all… I’m good with being that cool guy named “Rick” that shows up frequently to visit, brush the cat, clean the kitty litter and sit with her for a while.

It’s definitely an adventure in human behavior and understanding… with some love and spiritual stuff mixed in… If you are interested, listen to some Abraham-Hicks/Law of Attraction stuff (abraham-hicks.com)… It has given me a great space to be in - Being with all of life (Dying and death included, although I do not believe it ends there).

There is still a light in those caring eyes.

I’m cool with where my Mom is and where she is heading. It will be sad for a moment when she does pass as I will miss the Mom “flesh bag”. I’m happy knowing she’ll be heading back into pure positive energy and her higher Self. I know this is kind of woo-woo. :-) I have a great fascination with being a part of all of this. The Abe-Hicks stuff has brought back memories and feelings I’ve had since a kid… It is the only thing I’ve ever totally connected with and practiced… And, I’ve seen a beautiful flow to life unfold.

Hope you are all well and seeing the beauty in life as it unfolds for you.

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"Sleeping sweetly in the afternoon." - amazing photo. Thank you for sharing. I love your blog, and your Mom (if you don't mind me saying), what a wonderful woman to have raised such a caring son. Well done her...

Thanks for the kind words…

Yep, she was and is a pretty cool little spit fire of a Mom! … She amazingly raised two of us… My older brother, even though he lives on the east coast, is an huge presence and support for me and Mom as we are on this adventure together. Couldn’t have done it without his love and frickin’ awesomeness!

Have a great week!

Sometimes… If you hang out for a while and go with the flow… The current takes you to a wonderful place!

Thought I’d drop in on Mom the other day, even though it was after dinner. The attendants had already put her in bed. I slowly peeked around and saw that Mom’s eyes were open, so said “Hello” and asked if I could lie down next to her.

It was quiet and kind of “Zen-ish”. We just looked at each other for a few minutes. I just thought I’d “be there” and see what would show up.

I took my phone out to see if there was enough light to capture a little video. There was enough. I’d ask a question or say something. She would do her best to respond. At first it seemed pretty challenging for her, but she didn’t seem too bothered by it.

Well, “a little video” turned into about 50 minutes of little videos… And as we hung out, little gems surfaced.

I edited them down to several precious bits. If you don’t feel like watching them all, at least watch from about 4 minutes and 58 seconds to the end… Enjoy. :-)

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Life is a Wonderful Adventure… Take a Deep Breath and Let It Unfold Naturally.

My brother Scott and his wife Genea were here for a visit. I was a bit excited and a bit nervous about it…

I’m glad Mom showed signs of recognizing Scott.

Scott hasn’t seen Mom in face-to-face for about 3 years. I see my her about once or twice per week. I have barely noticed the gradual decline… I knew there was a decline, but it was pretty consistent and “normal”. I was pretty sure that the decline was going to have a little more impact on my Bro. The last time he saw her, she could still talk pretty well. Now, she can barely get a word or two out. Also, she gets a little disoriented when there are many people around or if there is an increase in activity around her.

It was good for us to snuggle up a little.

We talked and laughed it up a bit.

We all visited Mom several times during Scott’s visit. With the combination of more people, lots of picture taking and many questions and attempts at conversation… I noticed that Mom was a little shut down… Not a lot, just a little. No big deal for me as I’ve seen it happen before. I’m pretty at peace with where my Mom is physically and mentally now. It all affected my brother a little, though.

Mom leaned over onto Scott and rested for a bit.

If you want to get me emotional, just let me see my brother’s heart ache. Oy! That gets me!… Everytime.

I didn’t have a chance for much 1-on-1 time with my brother. Hope to take a trip east and have that happen. I think there are many conversations, feelings and tears to share… It was wonderful to have my family all together… Just the way it unfolded… Perfectly.

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You Gotta Li’l Something There… Hold Still!

Took my Mom to get her teeth checked-out the other day… Noticed she still had some food from lunch on her chin. So, I couldn’t help myself. I had to spit on my finger and try to rub it off…

imageHey! You used to do this to me. It’s just a little spit… What’s the problem?!?

Here’s to all our Mom’s and their loving spit - "The Ultimate Face Cleanser!"

Happy Mother’s Day to you all!

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I Got a “Do-Over”… And It Was Sweet!

A very sweet day… It is so amazing that the attendants noticed somethings that hinted at a UT infection. We had it checked out by the Hospice Nurses and that seemed to be the case. A few days with some medication and Mom is up and alert again.

Mom had a really good day today… She was so perked up when I saw her that I decided to chance another “Facetime” attempt with my brother, Scott.

It went really well. She nodded, smiled and even said, “I love you.” A frickin’ full sentence! So glad Scott got to hear that and see her in better spirits/condition.

imageShot a couple shots and then thought, “Hey, time for a family portrait!

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Hold on Tight… This Ride is Still Moving…

It is actually pretty freaky how things with Mom change from day to day… I was pretty sure it was time for “planning preparations” last week.

Today, Mom looked great! She giggled a bit. She even answered verbally “yes” and “no” to some of my questions. I talked to her about her teeth and they seem to be bothering her a bit. I asked her if it was okay to take her to the dentist next Monday and she said, “Yes.” I also fed her a bite of a Klondike bar. (Yeah, yeah, I know. That is probably why she needs to go to the dentist… But, at this point I think she should be able to eat whatever she wants.)

I was even able to make her smile again… And this time I was ready.

imageSo cute! Hope it warms your hearts as much as it does mine! :-)

So, here we are…Listening to the “click, click, click, click” as we head back up the roller coaster to continue this ride.

Okay, everybody’s hands up?!?

Here we gooooOOOOooooooooOOOooooooo!

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